About Us

Simon & Shield is a professionally managed organisation that believes in providing quality facility management. Managed by professionals having more than a decades experience in facility, administration and management. We at Simon & Shield always maintain "Owners' Perspective". We firmly believe that an asset and/or property manager should "think, plan, and act" as an "extension of owner", for the benefit of the owner, and to be the primary resource to the owner for all asset and market related information. We guarantee of an efficient service with high quality Eco-friendly and Environmentally friendly products.

We follow all the required "Statutory Rules and Regulations" like 'ESI' etc. to provide a hassle free service to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver responsive and resourceful solution for our clients, that helps consumers and businesses achieve their goals. We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to outstanding service.

All our Simon And Shield employees will help accomplish this Vision by always:

  • Providing unparalleled personal service.
  • Cost effective management solutions for every functional area
  • Our commitment to provide & use eco-friendly products.
  • We believe in delivering 100% of our promise in achieving our goals.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision by proactively seeking opportunities for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business that enhances the development of our people in delivery of sustainable service solution to our clients.